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Thrifty “Sandbag”

Another up and comer in the fitness industry right now are Sandbags.  They are extremely versatile and can be used for almost any application making them a real staple in any fitness regiment.  The only downside is that they can be pretty expensive, so I decided to introduce you to my solution.  It’s honestly so simple and if you hadn’t thought of it yourself already, you’re going to kick yourself because of how easy it is.  Just grab and sturdy bag you have around the house; I grabbed an old backpack because it has several handles and grips that I can use for different lifts.  Then I just grabbed some big, heavy books, wrapped them in some bed sheets and threw them in the bag.  From there, you’re really only limited to your own imagination with what lifts you want to do.   This site: has tons of videos and explanations of great exercises with the sandbag, so no point in reinventing the wheel, I’ll let them take care of showing you the plethora of exercises you can perform; and I’ll take care of showing you how to save some money!



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