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Cheap Technique Bar

For anyone who has ever engaged in the barbell arts, you’ve probably noticed wooden dowels are just too light to really hammer home technique.  On the flip side, sometimes the bar is just a little too heavy to focus on fundamentals.  So what do you do?  Go buy a special technique bar for anywhere from $30-$100?  Not anymore.  Here’s what you are going to do:

  • Go to your local hardware store
  • Purchase a PVC pipe roughly the diameter of a barbell
  • Purchase two (2) end caps
  • Find a local beach, sandy area, etc.
  • Total Cost: <$5

photo 1

Now here’s the fun part.  Put one cap on one end, and fill that sucker with sand or whatever filler you want to achieve your desired weight for the bar.  If you are using water, make sure to purchase special PVC glue so you don’t leak everywhere.  Once you have filled your fancy new technique bar to your desired weight, throw the other end cap on and use some athletic/duct/gorilla tape on both ends to make sure they don’t pop off.

photo 3

Front Rack Position


You now have a perfect, customized to you, technique bar.  The extra weight helps to get into the front rack position, hit various snatch progressions, and so on and so fourth.  Have fun!


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