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Finisher Friday: High Intensity Intervals for the upper & lower body

Quick review of this weeks friday special…

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Finisher Friday: Push-it, Pull it, CRUSH-IT

It’s Friday! Today’s post is quick, yet effective.  As you witnessed last week, my current Smolov training protocol serves up a whole lot of:

  • Squats
  • Weight(load) and
  • Integrated movements.

To the contrary,  today’s pre-finisher protocol was a rather different.   It is an off day from the four days of squatting, which delivered a rarity for my workout partner and I.  It was, as Justin called it, “Glamor Day”…


Finisher: What to finish your smolov squat day with?

Welcome back,


As if squatting 4 days a week with super heavy loads wasn’t enough; Here is a simple, fun? , lower body finisher to wrap up your Smolov jr program with.   If you’re wondering what the heck Smolov jr is, here is a brief depiction of the training protocol before we get to the finisher…  (more…)

Finisher Friday: CORE Crushers



Welcome back to the Friday special,

Today’s menu consists of what I hope to be a CORE Crusher.  Having said that I leave the judging up to you, so please comment and share your thoughts.

There are a few reasons I chose a dessert of core for my finisher- First off, because I enjoyed some super heavy posterior chain work today, which convinced me to throw the towel in on a gross movement finisher.  Secondly, because I felt that the core needs a little more attention from everyone.  Lastly, our core is our body’s linkage system for all other movements. It transfers forces and load from the lower body to the upper body and vice-verse, so why would we ignore this facet of training? (a topic for another day maybe).

When looking back at the week that was here on blood and Iron fitness, we see a great theme of core; from our Tactical Tuesday author (Michael Sawyer) which you can read here, to our Ladies Night article written by (Christina Warren) found here.

With that being said I hope today’s Friday Special will help wrap up that theme and give you some new protocols to play with.

Enter the CORE Crusher (more…)

Finisher friday: shredded legs

blood and iron fitness dig deep poster

Welcome back,


Friday has returned once again on Blood and Iron Fitness.  First, please note that as I explained in previous posts, the “finisher” can be used for multi-facet programing based on current fitness goals.  It most certainly can be used as a great platform for gains in strength as well as muscle growth.  However, this facet is most definitely a must for awesome fat scorching endeavors.  The reason is… (more…)

Finisher Friday Special: Quad Crushers

blood and iron fitness dig deep poster

Welcome Back Everyone,

I hope all of you are enjoying the product we’ve developed thus far, nevertheless it is only the beginning, a great deal more lies ahead. (more…)

Are You Reaching Your Potential in the Gym?

Hello Everyone,

A quick thought I was having the just other day while “warming up” for a day of heavy dead lifting; “does anyone here actually prepare their body for the lift they are about to encounter”?


Finisher Friday (upper body challenge)


Welcome back to Finisher Friday,

First off a huge apology for the delay in posting, technical difficulties can crush us all! So I hope you enjoy what’s in store and do your own crushing!



Squat Day Challenge

Power Up!

Power Up!