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How Hormones Effect Your Workout

Chapter 3: Endocrine Responses to Resistance Exercise



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The endocrine system is an important part of keeping our bodies in balance, also called homeostasis.  This system controls glands such as the adrenals which secrete hormones which are chemical messengers in our bodies.  These hormones communicate with specific cells via receptors coded only to that hormone, in this way targeted tissues can be affected rather than the entire body.  In this way the endocrine system can have much more precise control over regulating body functions.  The nervous system and endocrine system are closely linked, (more…)


Study Up For The CSCS! Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Bioenergetics of Exercise and Training

Bioenergetics is the transfer of energy in the body from one form to another.  To understand how to effectively program exercise, we need to have a basic understanding of energy production and breakdown in the body.  We also need to know (more…)

Study Up For The CSCS! Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Structure and Function of the Muscular, Neuromuscular, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

The systems of the body that produce movements create a network of interaction with each other that allow us to create purposeful, effective and coordinated movements for the activities of sport and daily life.  These movements are the result of muscle fibers acting collectively to pull on our bones which act as levers, and generate force.  Muscle fiber firing is controlled (more…)

50:10 Finisher Workout

Here is a short finisher style workout I did after leg day, it can be used on its own as well if you are short on time.  Get warmed up then be ready for non stop movement, you never rest more than 10 seconds for the entire 16 minutes.  Do 50 seconds of as many reps as you can of an exercise then rest 10 seconds, then start with the next exercise on your list, get through all four exercises this way and then start over.  Unlike most circuits, you do not get extra rest at the end of each circuit.  This keeps the workout short, which is nice but it makes it very tough, give it a shot and see how many reps you can get.


How To Successfully Change Your Diet

Changing your diet should be about small incremental changes, it’s difficult but not impossible.  Make little changes over time and you can do it, it doesn’t have to be about big things in the beginning, one small change today can turn into a big change a year from now.  Consider these strategies to get where you want to go. (more…)

The Road Less Traveled To Fat Loss

coverYou don’t necessarily have to make your program the way most people do, with sets and reps and standard exercises.  You can get into great shape through activities too, look at all the possibilities that exist especially since summer is coming.  Get out on the water with some kayaking, on the beach with some volleyball or out on the trails for some mountain biking.  Looked at another way, taking up an activity like this may be exactly what you need to get yourself motivated to train again… (more…)

Comparing Calisthenics And Gymnastics

coverBoth of these methods use the human body itself along with gravity to create resistance, but they are not the same.  How are they the same and how are they different?  How will training one carry over to the other and what about carry over to other activities?  These are the ideas I discuss in this video. (more…)

Quick Elbow Lever Tutorial

Impress your friends with this simple bodyweight trick!  If you have never tried this, you might think it is harder than it is.  This movement is really just about flexibility and balance and it is pretty fun once you figure it out.  This is a very short video on how to do it, if you need more instruction there are a ton of guys on youtube who can teach you but this may be all you need, I didn’t get much more instruction than this and I figured it out after a few tries last fall.  Give it a shot and see what you can do!

why you might be program hopping

Lets put an end to this madness shall we?

Should you open your own gym?


IMG_2184Dan (owner/operator) of Finger Lakes Fitness in Ithaca came to talk our Fitness Administration class to talk about his facility and give us an insider’s look at what it is really like to own your own gym.  I have to say right up front that I am even less interested in owning my own facility after his visit.  The amount of red tape, politics and drama you have to deal with are for me, a complete turn off to the idea.  There are so many things you have to consider when you are a facility owner such as utilities, tax forms, liability and insurance, hiring good help (and keeping them working for you), complying with city, state, and federal ordinances for your facility, health codes, emergency planning, litigation, marketing and the list just goes on and on. (more…)