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Weekly Wrap-up 9.22.13

Will that never dies

Top 3 best home gym tools

What to finish your smolov squat day with

10 minute plyometric workout

There are no shortcuts

Partner Challenge!

Planets Collide

Death by…..Front Squats!

Why would you want to be a bodybuilder?

Correcting valgus collapse

Keep it 100

Want a sexy core? Part 2

Burn all the calories!

Around the world


How to fix that terrible thing you do with your back when you pick things up

Shoulder boulder complex

Martial arts power: where does it come from?

The lasting dose

The party don’t start till I walk in…

How I would have made the Riddick movie different

To carry the load

The only 4 exercises you need

To build a mountain

Do wall slides do anything?

Progression in bodyweight training

Just a cupcake…..or two….

You’re going to want to quit

Wall crawlers

Weekly wrap-up 9.9.13

Fat burning simplicity, in 10 minutes

Motivation for the weekend

Pass the guac.

Motivation for fitness, NEW video

Sandbag workout

Stop sucking at lifting, get a coach

Correcting unbalanced hips

4 Part bodyweight warrior challenge

Crossfit vs ….crossfit?

If it fits my what?!

How sleep deprivation can make you gain weight

Full body strength – dumbbell workout

Time to fix your deadlift

Weekly wrap-up 9/1

Why your shoulder hurts and what to do about it

CORE Crushers

Beaten. Battered. And begging for more!

The four types of resistance technology

Elevation mask training: day 2

No more love handles and belly fat

My trip to the human anatomy lab

FREE PDF: Build a better pushup

Gettin’ high!

Want a sexy core? Part 1 – Nutrition

I just don’t have the time

Sifting through the bs

Motivation for the weekend

The color me rad experience

The best way to workout

Yeah, no, don’t put me down for cardio

How far are you from optimal health?

Losing weight vs. losing fat

Dips are bad for your rotator cuff bro!

Drop it, drop it low girl

Olympic shoes to squat big weight

The run for your lives experience

Old McDonald had a farm

Is muscle confusion real?

Weekly Wrapup 8.25

Guest Post: Active Tension

Thanks For Beating Me Up

Finisher Friday Special: Quad Crushers

Ladies Night – I Just Want Chocolate!

FREE Personal Training eBook

Tactical Challenge Accepted!

Why You Shouldn’t Deadlift

Blood and Iron Featured on Lake to Lake Girls

Are You Reaching Your Potential in the Gym?

Life Advice (from Ashton Kutcher)

TACTICAL TUESDAY~Brutal Single Leg Sprawl To Sandbag Clean For Power & Conditioning

Chocolate Kale Post-Workout Smoothie

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Run

Is Training Worth It?

Book Review: You Are Your Own Gym

8.11.13 Weekly Wrap-Up

Testing Your Limits

Finisher Friday (upper body challenge)

All you did was squat?

STRONGMAN TRAINING: Who its for, and why you want in.

Outdoor Core Training

The Warrior Dash Experience

“CuseFIT – Part 9 – Burn City CrossFit – Bendiful”

All That Is Man

Tight Calves = Crappy Dorsiflexion?

“I Just Want to Get Toned…”

Tabata, huh? Not So Much.

Guest Post On

Guest Post On

Tactical Tuesday – Badass Training For Badasses Can Make Me A Badass Too? That’s Badass!

Avoid These Deadlift Mistakes

Is Mobility Really the Issue?

Stretching: Lower Back Pain Relief!

Core Circuit – Beginner to Intermediate Level

5 Common Injuries And Their Prevention

Training With An Injury Part 2

Training With An Injury Part 1

ATTN: Ladies

Tough Mudder: The Recap Part 2

The Spartan Sprint Experience

The Only Question You Need To Ask

Tough Mudder: The Recap Part 1

How To Eat An Elephant

Part 3 of 3: Cooldown

Part 2 of 3: Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Part 1 of 3: Joint Mobility Warmup

Instructional: Sandbag Clean

Are stiff Ankles causing your valgus collapse?

Travel Size Workout

My Trip Chiropractor 

Mudder Training

5 Reasons CrossFit MIGHT Be Right For You

Super Stretches

Squat Day Challenge

Rope Climb Challenge

Bottom Up Squat

3 Reasons You Consistently Fail at Reaching Your Goals

Workout Wednesday Challenge 7.17.13

Conditioning Workout: EMOTM

Get Out, Get Active

The Three Rs

Motivation: Don’t need no redbull

Winging Scapula and way to keep the shoulder healthy

Wall Crawlers


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