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SUNY Cortland Personal Training Conference

On April 2nd in Sperry 105 SUNY Cortland will be hosting a personal training conference with the focus on helping individuals improve their health through behavioral change strategies. This conference has been approved for .6 CEU’s through the NSCA. The titles of the presentations are as follows:

·         Obesity: Beyond Eat Less, Move More – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (M.D.)

·         The Art of Coaching- Tony Gentilcore (C.S.C.S)

·         Creating Environments for Sustainable Change- Mark Fisher (C.P.T)

·         Ideal strategies for caloric control: to count or not?- Cassandra Forsythe (PhD, R.D.)

·         Environmental triggers to eating behavior – John Brand (PhD)

Cassandra Forsythe (PhD): will discuss the behavioral science behind why people eat the way they do. Her discussion will include recommendations to help clients improve their eating habits

Tony Gentilcore (C.S.C.S): will provide practical coaching advice for students who will enter the personal training/ strength and conditioning profession.

John Brand (PhD): will discuss the environmental triggers that contribute to eating behavior. He will share research conducted at Cornell’s Food and Brand lab that will be applicable for personal trainer who wish to help their clients eat healthier.

Spencer Nadolsky (M.D.): will discuss the medical side of obesity and why current recommendations that personal trainers give their overweight clients may not be enough.

Mark Fisher (C.P.T): will discuss strategies his gym utilizes to help motivate and retain their clients at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City.

Be sure to send your registration in early to make sure you get a spot and the early registration discount! (click me –>2016 personal training conference brochure)

Or Click on the link below for online registration!

If you’re not sold yet check out Mark Fishers video from last year!





2 responses

  1. Question: will this be held in the same room as last year/is there any danger of running out of spots?

    I ask because while I am fine with paying a little more to attend once I know for sure if I can, I don’t want to miss out on the conference!



    February 10, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    • justinkompf90

      Hi Zak,

      I don’t believe we will run out of room, that room holds about 200 people and yup it is in the same room

      February 10, 2016 at 1:41 pm

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