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SUNY Cortland Personal Training Conference

Hi all,

I  very excited to announce that Cortland’s third conference will take place on Saturday April 2nd. This years conference is going to focus heavily on how personal trainer can help their clients become healthier and happier people. We have an excellent line up of speakers who can cover a wide variety of topics that relate to health and wellness coaching. Our speakers include Spencer Nadolsky, Mark Fisher, Cassandra Foresythe, John Brand, and Tony Gentilcore. Each speaker will present on a unique topic. Attendees at this conference will receive .6 CEU’s from the National Strength and Conditioning Association!

Here is a quick overview of the speakers topics

Session Description


Cassandra Forsythe (PhD): Cassandra Forsythe will discuss the behavioral science behind why people eat the way they do. Her discussion will include recommendations to help clients improve their eating habits

Tony Gentilcore (C.S.C.S): Tony Gentilcore will provide practical coaching advice for students who will enter the personal training/ strength and conditioning profession.

John Brand (PhD): John Brand will discuss the environmental triggers that contribute to eating behavior. He will share research conducted at Cornell’s Food and Brand lab that will be applicable for personal trainer who wish to help their clients eat healthier.

Spencer Nadolsky (M.D.): Spencer Nadolsky will discuss the medial side of obesity and why current recommendations that personal trainers give their overweight clients may not be enough. He will also discuss how personal trainers and medical doctors can form professional relationships.

Mark Fisher (C.P.T): Mark Fisher will discuss strategies his gym utilizes to help motivate and retain their clients at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City.


Please find the registration flyer in the link below

2016 personal training conference brochure


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