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A simple approach to programming and progression (template attached)

This text corresponds with the attached excel sheet. The purpose of this is to make programming a resistance training routine easy for trainers and for people looking to put a program together for themselves.

Whenever considering how to create and progress a program the main variables that need to be considered are exercise selection, training volume, and exercise intensity. There are of course more (bar speed, rest periods,…) but these are the main variables that are of concern.

On the first page these three variables have been covered. There are different rep and set loading protocols with examples of progressions for each. This increases the training volume.

For example, if you or a client were squatting 135 pounds for 3 sets of 12 a progression would be 3 sets of 15 with the same weight.

Listed also are movement categories. Exercise variety is important so if you do a traditional back squat for 4 weeks, on the 5th training week swap it out for a box squat. This example has been given on sheet two.

Sheet three is an example of an intermediate program where intensity is modified on the second training phase (+5-10 pounds) and then the reps increase on the third training phase. Hopefully this provides an easy to follow outline for people looking to put together training programs.

It is useful to block out training phases (3-6 weeks) and then pick a variable to change (exercise selection, intensity, or volume) with each training cycle.

programming made simple



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