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Who am I?

 justin pull up

My name is Justin Kompf and I love exercise and I love helping people get in better shape!

I’ve been a personal trainer for five years. I started at a local gym, working the summers while I was completing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at SUNY Cortland.

After I graduated I earned my strength and conditioning certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I then went out to California to intern at the University of California at Riverside for the summer. When I returned I went to Syracuse University to assist one of the strength and conditioning coaches there. During that time I worked with women’s lacrosse, volleyball, softball, and rowing.

While at Syracuse I also worked as an adjunct instructor at SUNY Cortland, teaching a personal training class to senior students.

The following year I was asked to serve as the strength and conditioning coach at SUNY Cortland where I work with most of the teams on campus. My friend, Cory Russell, and I also started a powerlifting team which has 13 members, many of whom hold state records within their respective weight and age classes in the IPA powerlifting federation. My personal best competition lifts include a 420 pound squat and a 540 pound deadlift at the 181 weight class.

z squat clear

Aside from training athletes and clients I love writing about fitness, some of my articles can be found on this site as well as here:

In the last year I have also been invited to talk about training and strength and conditioning at several conferences which I intent to continue to do.

conference 1 conference 2

As a former chubby kid growing up who “found” exericse and all its benefits, I have a strong passion for helping people get stronger, increase confidence, lose weight, and feel better about themselves all around. With this online training I will take all the guess work out of your programming. To help you reach your individual goals you will have unlimited access to emails and phone calls with me. I will monitor your progress and make adjustments to your programming as needed. Contact me at for more details!

Brad, trap bar deadlifting 400

Gina, doing 7 pull ups

Kim deadlifting around 240 pounds

Lisa deadlifting 195



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