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Motivational Stories??? Say What?!

motivation2Motivation, a tricky thing to come by for many people, and I am one of them.  And so it is no surprise that you will see many different approaches to getting motivated and different ideas on what is best.  You may even see gurus trying to sell you courses on motivation, internal energy, or some other such thing.  I personally don’t think it is that complicated, but I agree it is difficult.  I have thought about motivation a certain way my entire life, and that is the traditional “you just gotta want it bad enough” attitude.  Well this might work for some, but I think most people lose motivation very quickly, for whatever it is they are trying to stay motivated about.

To get lasting motivation, it’s time to think about this problem in a different light.  Elliott Hulse posted a video a couple of days ago with a new way to think about this problem, check out this video.  Now, what he is talking about is creating a story in your mind that gets you excited, that causes a physiological response meaning it causes an actual metabolic change in your body such as increased heart rate.  You might think this sounds stupid or crazy, but I’m sure this has happened to you.  Watching  your favorite sports team win the championship, or your favorite character be the victor on T.V. or in the movies, or read about something in a book, that gets you excited!  Makes you jump up and shout, gets your heart going faster, maybe even makes you jittery, this is what happens when you are interested in what the story is, when it is a GOOD story!

Now you can do this for yourself as well, you just have to, dare I say it, use your imagination!  Create a story that excites you about YOURSELF, that will help you get where you want to be.  I urge you to watch the video because I think Elliott lays it out pretty well.  The only other thing I would add is that I don’t believe it has to be at all realistic, as long as it gets you moving towards what you want to achieve.  Maybe it would be better for your story to be based in reality, but if you have a strong imagination and are motivated or excited about things that don’t really exist, then use that too, who cares!  How many guys do this?  I will tell you, a lot of them.  It may seem anti-macho or nerdy or weird but I know I have done this and I know other people who have used cartoon characters as motivation to lift and grow stronger.  I’m not naming names, but you guys know who you are…



So start with the idea about where you want to go, and decide what is important to get motivated about first.  Whether it’s a 500 bench press, or becoming a doctor, decide what is worth getting motivated to achieve FOR YOU, everyone is different.  Then create a story, about whatever you want, to get you excited to do the WORK that will get you to that goal.  Then, keep telling that story to yourself over and over, and if it loses its luster over time, adjust it or create a new story.  Just keep driving yourself forward, and remember that motivation comes from your body, not your mind.  Use the mind to direct the body.

Happy story telling.



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