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Best Articles of the Week 1/25/2014

Making a list of the best articles of the week is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now so here it is!

Some Problems with Movement “Correction”-  by Todd Hargrove I see this all the time, trainers trying to correct ‘problems’ that arent really problems. If you set out to find every little problem you’ll end up spending all your time correcting things that don’t matter. Isn’t it better to work with within a clients capabilities and get a training effect?

Should I cut sugar out completely? by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: Everything in moderation, sugar isn’t the devil we make it out to be.
11 Reasons why people think calories don’t countand why they’re wrong by Armi Legge- Calories do count, you can eat 5,000 calories of grilled chicken and green beans and still gain weight. Once again everything in moderation
Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think by Lorimer Moseley : pain science by the man himself, this stuff really is fascinating
A review of forward head posture– by ME! self promoting? yes most definately. I’m currently in the midst of a lit review on whether or not personal trainers should concern themselves with identifying and correcting posture. The real question is how important are these small deviations in posture when it comes to performance and pain?

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