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Strength and Conditioning Registration

Hey everyone, please take a second to check out the speaker line up for the April 5th conference at SUNY Cortland. This is going to be a great opportunity to learn some great new information and network with your peers. Fill out the registration form below and send it in to the address on the sheet!

2014 Cortland Sports Medicine Symposium Registration Form

John Gaglione

Educate, motivate, and dominate your life. How turn your passion into your full time career and love every second of it. 

This presentation will give the attendees some action steps on how to be a successful coach and trainer, will give some stories of how John got started, mistakes he has made, and what has made Gaglione Strength the success it today.

Tony Gentilcore

Tony is going to talk all about squats first as an assessment and then addressing the notion that not everyone is meant to squat “deep” on day one.  NOT all squats are created equal, and it’s important as a personal trainer or strength coach to be able to know how to regress exercises, correct muscular imbalances and weaknesses, but still be able to provide a training effect.

Lou Schuler

Lou is going to go over the basic data points and trends on how obesity disproportionately hits the poor and minorities from previously isolated, equatorial regions and how exercise does and doesn’t contribute to weight control.

Lou will also go over:

* Why people don’t stop eating when they’re full (the protein leverage hypothesis)

* Why obesity disproportionately hits certain populations

* Why exercise doesn’t work the way we once thought it would

Cassandra Forsythe PhD, RD

Creating Powerful Female Strength Clients: Proven Training and Nutrition Methods

Dr. Cassandra will provide practical, proven and real-world recommendations for trainers and coaches who work with female clients. First, she will discuss insights into what women want out of their training programs and how to approach their training plan so that it is targeted just for them. She will present the differences between men and women with respect to training and give recommended exercises and programming that women love and benefit from. Then, she will delve into nutrition protocols that work best for women based off their unique physiology and metabolic make up. Finally, she will share how she helps women transform their bodies in her proven fat loss transformation programs that she runs via her fitness facility in Connecticut.

Once again, the registration form is below. Hope to see everyone there!

2014 Cortland Sports Medicine Symposium Registration Form


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  1. Great speakers…wish I could go!

    January 12, 2014 at 6:21 pm

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