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FIT 3 Personal Training



lecture 1 resources: Martin Rooney TEDtalk


Lecture 2 resources: compliance solution part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 



Lecture 5Discussion on the Functional Movement Screen

lecture 5 resources: FMS Debate– thefitcast

Lecture 6Postural Assessment revised

Quick review of our postural discussion



Lecture 7 resources : increasing muscle extensibility: A matter of increasing length or modifying sensation?

Lower Body Warm Up Upper Body Warm Up
Foam rolling/lax ball rolling
  • Lower body
  • Torso
  • feet

Foam rolling/lax ball

  • torso
  • shoulder
  • pec

Movement prep- ground based

  • glute bridges
  • figure 4 hip mobilzation
  • side lying clams
  • quadruped rocking
  • single leg extended quadruped rocking
  • groin mobilization
  • half kneeling wall mobility


Movement prep- ground based

  • push up plus
  • push ups
  • prone W’s
  • prone T’s


Movement prep- standing


Movement prep standing



Evidence based programming

Lecture 8 resources: aerobic and/or resistance training for fat loss podcast


Lecture 9 resources: Pain podcast with Jonathan Fass     Pain podcast with Jason Silvernail


fit 3 2014





Critical Evaluation of the joint by joint approach

The claims: T nation article      Gray Cook article

resources: (1) The myth of core stability   (2)Muscle Activity Response to External Moment During Single-Leg Drop Landing in Young Basketball Players: The Importance of Biceps Femoris in Reducing Internal Rotation of Knee During Landing  (3)Etiology and prevention of non contact ACL injuries (4) Ankle dorsiflexion range of motion and landing biomechanics (5) Neuromuscular characteristics of those displaying excessive medial knee displacement (6) The Hips influence on low back pain: a distal link to proximal problem (7)Ranges of active hip motion in low back pain patients and apparently healthy controls (8) Experimental muscle pain changes feedforward postural responses of the trunk muscles (9) The fall of the postural structural biomechanical mode (10)  Subacromial Impingement Syndrome: The Effect of Changing Posture on Shoulder Range of Movement (11)A Process of Subgroup Identification in Non‐specific Low Back Pain Using a Standard Clinical Examination and Cluster Analysis (go to cortland library)

exceptions to the joint by joint approach


pubmed – all things science – strength and conditioning

strength of evidence podcast– critical analysis of current practices

saveyourself– scientific examination of, well, everything ]

Tony Ingram – rehabilitation content

Dean Somerset– post rehabilitation

Mike Reinold– therapy

thefitcast – free fitness podcast

Todd Hargrove – therapy

Brad Schoenfeld– all things hypertrophy

Bret Contreras– strength training, science, glutes

Eric Cressey – strength training

 Evidencemagazine -podcast and blog to clear up fitness misconceptions

Alan Aragon– nutrition research

Precision nutrition

the personal training development center

strength and conditioning research– supplement research

Performance U– Nick Tumminello


 Exercise is medicine– Spencer Nadolsky


1/14 : What should fitness professionals understand about pain and injury?The five biggest contradictions in fitness ,Planet Fitness is Not a gym



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