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TAC. TUE.~ The Fire & Military Athlete

Hey everyone, for this installment of Tactical Tuesday I’d like to introduce you to Matt Wenning, well known tactical trainer, and director of  Ludus Magnus Performance Center. This man holds multiple world record weightlifting titles, and is way more experienced and smarter than me.

If you are a fire athlete, or wish to train fire athletes, I’d like to share with you the Rescue Methods video that Matt is featured in.


I’d also like to send you over to a article that I enjoyed on Elitefts on military training by Chris Davis, a former Untied States Marine, and experienced coach with multiple certifications. Military Training: There Isn’t Any Secret

Also, look forward to my product review of the TITIN 8lb Weighted Compression Shirt in my upcoming articles, so far its one of the most subtle yet brutal tools in my arsenal to date.

Keep showing your support for the Blood and Iron Family!

~Michael C. Sawyer


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