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Finisher Friday: Push-it, Pull it, CRUSH-IT

It’s Friday! Today’s post is quick, yet effective.  As you witnessed last week, my current Smolov training protocol serves up a whole lot of:

  • Squats
  • Weight(load) and
  • Integrated movements.

To the contrary,  today’s pre-finisher protocol was a rather different.   It is an off day from the four days of squatting, which delivered a rarity for my workout partner and I.  It was, as Justin called it, “Glamor Day”…

Lots of accessory work and lots of volume.  Yes you read that correctly, your eye appointment is not overdue;  Justin and I hit up quite a bit of “swole” exercises.


Quite honestly it was difficult to say the least, for the past several months I have focused on strictly heavy weight and low reps.  It has been some time since I embarked on a full day of  10-12 repetitions,  my body has forgotten what volume training was like and my muscles fatigued quickly.

The good part is, it was a nice change-up.  Crushing heavy weights consistently, leaves my body pretty beat up; my hips are beyond tight and Ornery.

Furthermore, although today was somewhat difficult it was nowhere near the same realm of difficulty as lifting heavy weights consistently.

After the Smolov Jr program concludes (T-minus two days) a much-needed deload week will take place.   Following that a final two(ish) weeks to max out and perform our final prep for the meet.  Then comes a complete 180 in training, and depending on the viewers choice, my 12 week transformation found here will take place.













Anyway, without further a-due here is the upper body finisher to complete our volume day off with a bang!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Heavy sled press

  • Horizontal press x10
  • Vertical press x10
  • Horizontal press x10

Bike Upper Body Intervals

  • 2x :10s max effort — :10s active recovery

Perform the above movements consecutively, only resting to transition to the next movement.  As always ENJOY and leave your comments.

Also, please help Justin and I decide what transformation we will embark on: Achilles (Brad Pitt) from Troy, or Bane (Matt Hardy) from The Dark Knight Rises found here.  Two totally different transformations which we leave you to decide for us!

– Cory



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