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Skinny Fat

So lets start out with some confessions here. As most girls do, we worry about our weight and what size jeans we are wearing or what size shirt we fit in to or the size of our bras.

Well growing up I would say I was a pretty skinny kid and wore size zero pants in the 6th  and 7th grade and thought “hey I am doing alright, I am the same size as other girls my age”. BUT THAT WAS IN 6TH GRADE!!!!!!! Well going through puberty and gaining hips and curves and what not obviously I had to buy bigger pants. I use to be a little hard on myself because I wasn’t wearing the 3&4’s any more and I thought well I must be over weight. Wrong! I was wearing what was right for my body type.

I know you have all seen those girls that wear the size or couple sizes too small pants for themselves but don’t care how they look because they are just happy they got the pants buttoned. Let’s be honest here that just doesn’t look good.


MUST WATCH!!!!!! I know all you women can relate!  and because i just love this movie! 


Well ladies what I have come to realize is that wearing pants that actually fit your body type is far more attractive then fitting into a smaller number. WHO SEES THE SIZE?! NOONE!

For the girls that are able to wear the size 0-4 pants, that’s great, but what other people need to realize is that’s their body type. AND! A lot of the time when you see someone in those smaller size jeans, they don’t actually have to work for it. Yes that sucks for us women with curves, but to be honest I would rather work for my body and have curves and own it rather then wear a smaller size pant.

So I decided to talk about skinny fat because it’s a term I heard and it makes complete since. To me it means someone that is in those smaller size pants and clothes in general, but when you figure out their BMI (Body mass index) it puts them in the category of being over weight. SO you see, its almost like an optical illusion: A skinny girl but she’s actually unhealthy and overweight. You may not see the tire tummy or the love handles, but she is very much out of shape.

As a women who likes to work out and move weight, I personally would rather buy the next size bigger in clothes and know that my BMI is where is should be, even though I may have bigger legs. I buy clothes that fit me, I don’t change myself to fit the clothes.

I actually heard a girl today talking about how she hates shopping, and I would have to agree with her, because they don’t make clothes to fit women’s bodies. They make clothes with completely wrong dimensions. The girl I heard today was said “why can’t they just make pants with smaller waists and more material in the thighs?!” which I have to say I completely agree with!

A friend of mine relayed a quote to me “Dieting makes you look good in clothes, but working out makes you look good naked” Now ladies ask your self, would you rather just diet or actually workout and gain muscle? Does the size of your jeans really matter as long as your healthy?


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